Telemaster asistance in the melt shop

Brar Electromecánica founded by Livio Arioli in 1974 and still family owned business, works in the field of flexible electrical connections for high currents. The Brar Group is currently one of the world’s largest manufacturers of integrated solutions for high currents in the sectors of iron and steel, electroplating, resistance welding, robotics, electric arc furnaces, induction furnaces, reduction furnaces, ferroalloy furnaces, SAF furnaces, roasting furnaces and galvanizing plants.

Cable wear depends mainly on the type of furnace and the number of work cycles. The structure and protections of Brar cables are designed to minimize cable wear, however it is necessary to remember and apply cable prevention and monitoring procedures that help plan its replacement before it is irreparably damaged during a work cycle. leading to the stoppage of the furnace.

Telemaster allows preventive maintenance to be carried out by measuring the electrical resistance in a record time of 2 hours without having to release the furnace cables and with the furnace stopped. This allows you to know which cable is damaged and change it, avoiding stoppages, overloading other cables and accidents.

After collecting the data, the operator can check the condition of the cables and intervene if necessary. Measurements are made with the furnace switched off, without the need to remove the cable.

Due to the advantage of proximity and the technical capacity of i-batu, it has been in charge of monitoring the plants of clients such as Arcelormittal, Celsa group or Tubos Reunidos.