Campaign process

Select a sales channel

Select whether you want to start with email, linkedin, or both.

Sign a contract without commitment and without risk

Contract month by month and do not make the payment until the sales strategy is defined.

Kick-off meeting

First analysis of product added value, differentiation with the competition and experience.

Heating of the new domain

Create a new domain, configure ip, dkim, and spk and warm it up.

Create a strategy

This is where we help you clearly define your target audience and break it down into specific people.

Contact search

We do a custom search in our variety of databases according to your specification.


We validate e-mails with various SaaS platforms.

Database validation and payment

Once the database is validated, the payment is made.

Campaign launch

Launch of automated linked campaign, e-mail or both.

Monitoring and synchronization

Learn from our analytics and synchronize data with your CRM.

Weekly meeting

Meeting to see results and make changes.

Campaign optimization

Optimization of the campaign by making the precise changes in the message chain according to a/b/c/d testing technology.


Once several campaigns have been launched and you have found the right channel and sequence, there is the possibility of training the internal sales network and breaking the contract.