We create awarenes in a methodical and data-driven way of your product in your metal industry audience

Contacting validated emails within the metal sector

More than an agency, i-batu provides you with a unique channel under your domain, promoting your brand, not ours

About us

Market intelligence

Our identity, which differentiates us from other agencies, is the expertise and passion in the metal sector.

Complete sales cycle

i-batu offers tailor-made solutions, from market analysis to customer satisfaction.


We create databases for the metal sector automatically and with proprietary technology.

Comparison with other commercial tools *

20.000 € – 30.000 €
Fair Stand 25m2 sales

2.000 € – 3.000 €
4 days junior sales business trip

15.000 € – 20.000 € launch
40.000 € – 60.000 € per year
Inside sales

“Combining technical knowledge in the market, communication skills and automation, i-batu has contributed a good part of the business growth of the last year. Apart from opening recurring business in large accounts, it has helped us to better understand the needs of the market.”

Javier Bolado / CEO Welding Copper


  • Our process is methodical and data-driven.
  • The goal is to identify the best combination “message” / “chain” to contact the target person, at the right time.
  • We achieve this by monitoring the results from the first moment.
  • We integrate and synchronize it with your CRM.
  • Technical Copywriting in more than 4 languages.
  • Taylor made solution, 100% transparent and user friendly.
  • GDPR friendly.

Clients who trust in us

Customers who have contacted our databases via I-Batu within the metal sector.

Internationally open accounts

Accounts opened through automated marketing to our validated metal sector database.


When a company wants to offer its services in a new sector or country, a market study is required prior to a commercial action plan. i-batu offers these companies an intensive multichannel service based on data with high added value, with previous experience in the sector.
Unlike in the past, we live in a globalized environment with great international competitiveness. This requires a continuous improvement of the product/service as a fast and specialized channel to put it in the hands of the greatest possible number of users. In order to carry it out, there must be a prior investment.
The communication channels must be designed according to the sector, requiring experience and knowledge in it.

Only with prior technical experience can one choose the most effective comunication channel, find the correct message sequence or have a technical discussion with the end user. You can learn more about our process.

Although the «core» of i-batu are e-mail and LinkedIn campaigns for companies in the mining and metal industry, i-batu can offer other services related to product/service launch or technical sales.
Support in the technica analysis, quotation, technical assistance to the end user, search for experts in the undustry, generation of lists of target customers, generation of panels or “dashboards”, translation of documentation, attendance at face-to-face meetings with the client, assistance to fairs, technical reports or market analysis.
In short, we want to focus on the customer’s product/service without losing any technical details.
Cold email outreach is for reaching out to people you’d like to meet. Similar to cold calling, but instead of using a phone, you’re using email. You have to show that there is a mutual professional interest to be able to address that specific person.
Marketing emails are the emails you receive from a business when you opt in to a subscription of some kind. This could be daily/weekly newsletters, receipts, reminder emails, etc.
Cold email is a powerful tactic for generating a business partnership. Unfortunately, many do not know how to use it correctly. We are used to receiving mass emails from foreign companies that are not relevant.
We research your industry, we understand your value proposition and before we start sending emails, we go over the target list with you, to make sure 100% that the communication is legal, ethical and legit.
We have a specific methodology to guarantee that your emails reach the inbox and without putting your domain at risk. You can learn more at https://www.i-batu.com/en/process/

Our process allows us to comply with data protection laws such as GDPR. We only send emails to business email addresses, place an opt-out link in all communications, state in the email why we’re contacting them, and encrypt data for contacts that do not want to communicate with us. they want to communicate with us. By creating the list of contacts we will be able to justify at all times where we have acquired that information from, we will only save the data that we need for that purpose and for a limited time.

Our process is created thanks to integrating, natively or with a developer, the optimal SaaS tools for this industry. Not only is it necessary to choose the channel, it is also necessary to choose the optimal SaaS tools on the market for each application and integrate them with each other, maintaining an adequate cost-utility ratio.

Although the i-batu service can be customized, it is necessary to meet some minimum requirements in order to have a quick return and the fixed costs make sense, such as:
-Average contract value >€10k
-Average contract closing cycle <6 months
-Target customers between 100 and 10,000